Logo and branding design prices start from $450 and upwards.

Time and resources spent in designing each and every logo are different,  so there is no way they can be put into the fixed price category.

If I do a logo for $500, the time I can spend on research, sketching & logo creation will be very limited in contrast to the logo and brand identity for a company that is willing to spend $10000 for a strong, unique & tailor made solution.

Clients’ budget is clients’ business and I have no say in this but I will, of course, try to help you reach a decision that works for you.

$500 – $1000

Simple & clean visual identity for a small to medium business. Business card and letterhead design is included.

$1500 – $2500

Solid visual identity for a medium to large business. Business card and letterhead design is included, as well as identity guideline pdf sheet.


Exceptional visual identity for a medium to large business that includes extensive research and creation process to ensure a tailored and unique identity. Business card and letterhead design is included, as well as identity guideline pdf sheet.


If you are unsure about how much to invest in your logo and branding identity design, please contact me  so we can both look through your requirements and find a suitable solution. 

In case you just need to have a starting point for calculating your budget, hourly rate for my services is $85. 

Hourly rate is also applicable to all other services specified in my Services list.

I offer all my clients 24/7 support.

Why I Charge More

An Open Letter to My Future Clients

The more I charge you, the more pressure I put on myself to perform for you.

The client who grinds me on price is the least satisfied. He gets less attention from me and is most likely to be pissed off at me. And I don’t really care, because to be honest, I resent him. For him, I’m doing it for the money and as it isn’t very much money I’m not troubled by not doing it well. He pays me a paltry sum, I perform poorly. We can have that type of relationship if you like.

The client who pays me the premium gets my best work. He’s the one I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about, wondering if I’m doing all I can to earn his money. I take pride in moving his business. I try to make myself indispensable to him.

I’m great at what I do, but if someone hires me without giving me the resources (money, time, access) to do a great job, it’s easy for me to rationalize poor performance. When a client gives me everything I ask for, he removes all the obstacles to a high quality outcome. There’s no way for me to rationalize anything less than perfection.

There is no greater pressure than the pressure I put on myself, and the only way you can add to my own sense of pressure is to pay me well. Then I have to prove to you, and, more importantly, to me that I am as good as I say I am.

So, I’ve given you my price and it’s the price that I need to charge to bring a deep sense of obligation to the job. Will I work for less? Probably. Can you negotiate with me? Sure. We can have that type of relationship if you really want me to be that type of designer and you want to be that type of client.

Let’s just understand each other before we get started.