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I am an acclaimed independent consultant, graphic designer and art director (Winner of several international design awards) with over 20 years of experience in logo and graphic design, typography, commercial print & reprographics, website design, product design UI/UX - working with clients all over the world, designing brand identities, printed media, packaging, advertising materials, websites and creating IOS and Android apps UI & UX.

I am a firm believer in minimalistic, simple & clean design. My work is mostly driven by gestalt principles and my favorite quote is “Less is more.” by Mies van der Rohe.

This website serves as a showcase for a small portion of my design portfolio since my complete works would probably fill a 2000 pages encyclopedia and a big part of it is covered with a very strict NDAs.


I've worked with  Splash for the past 5 plus years on several projects ranging from mobile and web app design to digital promotional content for major brands and celebrity artists.
I find Splash to be extremely talented, professional and responsive. I've essentially outsourced my design work to him. Despite being located in different countries, he is always available and is a very clear communicator. I have given him design challenges which need to appeal to a wide demographic of both young and old and he has always delivered on time and on budget. I would have no problem recommending him for any project and probably the best thing is that he needs very little direction.

Bart Glass, CEO Social Innovations

I am a serial repeat customer of Splash's. He brings wisdom, experience, creativity and professional skill to projects. If you are looking for someone to uncritically execute a given design, that would under-utilize his talents. If you need someone to understand the bigger picture and craft designs in different areas to effectively project what a company or product is about in a creative, elegant and congruent way, I can not recommend him highly enough. 

Theo Sahlsberg, CEO Report Gorilla

It is with great pride I offer both my personal and business reference to Splash. Over a period of approximately 9 years I have worked with Splash on multiple projects ranging from brand design/management, web-based application development, and comprehensive mobile app solutions. In addition, my closest business associates have successfully utilized Splash Designs in their most mission critical solutions.
The world-class portfolio of work product at Splash Designs speaks for itself. The value-add component of Splash’s operating principles is of equal value. Splash is a seasoned executive with unmatched client and project management standards. A skilled listener, he demonstrates respect for client input and has the uncanny ability to seamlessly pivot between the role of creative and consultant. At a fundamental level, I have rarely encountered a commitment to Best Business Practices throughout all levels of client engagement.
I can state, without qualification, Splash is an invaluable resource to our business. His positive attitude and personal initiative lifted the spirits of everyone in the company. During the most challenging times he always found creative ways to persevere and was generally recognized as a team leader. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Splash and would welcome any inquiry to discuss the matter in further detail. 

David Rosette, CEO Linkster

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